Upper Limb Bones

Bones of the Right Hand (Dorsal Surface)

1. Styloid Process of Radius
2. Navicular (Scaphoid)
3. Lunate
4. Triquetral
5. Pisiform
6. Trapezium
7. Trapezoid
8. Capitate
9. Hamate
10. Metacarpal
11. Proximal Phalange
12. Middle Phalange
13. Distal Phalange
14. Styloid Process of Ulna





Tip: Want an easy way to remember the carpal bones?!?

Remember this...

Naughty (Navicular)

Lovers (Lunate)

Try (Triquetral)

Positions (Pisiform)

That (Trapezium)

They (Trapezoid)

Can't (Capitate)

Handle (Hamate)

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